Types of Addiction Treatment for Recovery

It’s important to know what types of addiction treatment options there are for recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. If you or somebody you know is struggling, then you’ll need to know what types of help there are out there. You can choose in-patient rehabilitation facilities. These are what we typically think of when we talk about rehab. You can also find out-patient rehab programs. In addition, there are sober living homes available. And finally, you can try twelve-step recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Hopefully, you can find the best fit for the help you need to get treatment for your addiction.

Types of Addiction Treatment for Recovery: Get the Help You Need

In-Patient Rehab

One of the types of well-known addiction treatment is in-patient rehab. These are facilities where patients go full time for around-the-clock help with their recovery. You’ll live at a substance-free campus for several months at a time. Typically, patients receive a lot of counseling and participate in therapy sessions to help them learn to cope with their addiction. In-patient rehab facilities are usually overseen by doctors.

Out-Patient Rehab

Out-patient rehab is another type of addiction treatment program. This rehab is similar to a typical rehab experience except that patients don’t live at the facility full-time. They typically go home each night and then come back. Doctors still oversee outpatient rehab, and patients join in a lot of therapy and education. However, living at home can make this harder for a lot of patients because they are not away from their triggers.

Sober Living Home

Another type of addiction treatment program is a sober living home. This is where addicts can go to live with others who are in a similar situation. A group home like this is a great bridge between full-time rehab and returning to normal life. It allows patients more freedom while still letting them practice the coping skills they learned in rehab.

Twelve Step Programs

If you feel that you can manage your recovery on your own with some support, then Twelve Step programs might be a good resource. Twelve-Step programs are another of the types of addiction treatment that are very popular. These are group meetings where addicts can come together to work on their common goal of living a sober life. Typically the meetings include education, goal-sharing, and encouragement. Before beginning a 12 Step Program, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor and make sure that recovery is safe for you to do on your own. The most popular 12 Step Programs are Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Knowing your options for types of addiction treatment is a great resource if you are considering getting sober. Before you begin any sort of withdrawal, you should speak to a doctor. They might want to keep a close eye on your recovery. If you feel that you need full-time support, then in-patient rehab might be the best option for you. If you’d rather get full support but be able to continue living at home, then outpatient might be the way to go. A sober living home is a great step to take after you leave rehab to bridge the gap between full-time support and normal life. And finally, if you feel you can handle your recovery mostly on your own, consider looking into 12 Step Programs like AA and NA. Hopefully, you can explore your options and find the type of help that will best suit your needs.