One Body Discovered in Fort Mill Lake Where Two Went Missing

According to the Fort Mill Police Department, two men went missing from the radar late Thursday night.charleston

Rescue Crews then told the family members of one, that they found his body on Lake Haigler, off of U.S. 21. Apparently the two men were elderly, both in their late 60’s, and frequently went fishing together at the small Fort Mill Lake. They were known in the community as life-long best friends; after Thursday night, no one heard from either one again.

The rescue crews found the one body when they were called on the scene after an emergency crew spotted the overturned boat earlier this morning, around 2:00 a.m. When the emergency crews arrived, they also stated they found an empty car parked nearby.

The daughter of the one of the duo stated that she and her father ” may not have seen each other too often, but if she needed him, he was always there for her and her family.” Both families are in saddened terribly by this incident, which is still under pending investigation.

All that is currently know is that one body is found, and there was an overturned boat and an empty car nearby. More details will be released as further information is discovered.
What is odd is that the police describe this Haigler Lake as more of a pond near the heavily populated Ann Springs Close Greenway. At this point in time, there is no report of which man’s body was found.

The York County Sheriff’s office has it’s essential dive team assembled in searching for the second man with the assistance of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

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