SC NC Brain Injury Attorney – Teen Survives 3 Foot Spear Going Through His Skull

It truly is amazing what people survive of these days.

Just a few days ago a Florida teenager’s head was impaled by a spear longer than 3 feet.  The spear entered his skull 2 inches above his right eye and exited the back of his head.  Amazingly, the spear apparently missed all major blood vessels in the teen’s brain.

The teen was awake during the entire accident, and was able to speak to the doctors before the surgery to remove the spear.

After the spear was removed, the boy could speak in short sentences and communicated that he was not in pain, but was worried about his limited ability to use his left side.

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For the full story and quotes from the doctors see: CBS: Teen miraculously survives spear through his brain, speaks throughout ordeal.