Georgia Governor Calls to Lower Alcohol Limit on the Water – SC NC Drunk Boating Attorney

In Georgia, like many other states, but unlike either North Carolina or South Carolina, has a higher blood alcohol content limit on boats and other watercraft than in motor vehicles.  In Georgia, the blood alcohol limit on the water is 0.10%, and on the highway it is 0.08%.  In North Carolina and South Carolina, the blood alcohol content limit is .08% on the water and on the road.

However, with the rash of deaths on the water, and considering the fact that 20% of fatalities on the water involve alcohol, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is calling for the state legislature there to lower the limit on the water to 0.08%.

Boating and driving have been considered different enough for years to allow different requirements on the water than on the road.  But as waterways become more crowded with an increasing number of boats, maybe boat captains need to be held to the same standard as drivers to quell drunk boating.

Remember: In NC and SC, the BAC limit for BUI is 0.08% for adults.

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