Car Accident Turns Fatal for One in Catawba County

One person has just been pronounced dead after a serious car accident istock-crash 2in South Carolina’s Catawba County.

The accident occurred late Wednesday afternoon and can be attributed to both reckless driving and the downfall of rain on that particular day.

The location was on a rural road, specifically, County Home Road, near Conover. The road was winding, and the weather did not aid in either driver seeing clearly while operating their vehicles.

Sadly, one man driving a sedan was pronounced dead on the scene. The other vehicle involved had two women in it, respectively as the driver and passenger, and both were seriously injured in the accident as well. They were transported the County’s closest medical facility. The passenger is still in “critical condition,” whereas the driver is in “stable” condition.

Details have not yet been released stating whether or not alcohol was a factor that led to the crash, but the investigation team is diligently working to answer that question and others that may shed some new light on the facts.

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