Rock Hill Man Leaves Bar and Subsequently Wrecks Into Liquor Store

Blog-Car Accident 2A Rock Hill liquor store owner was awaken Saturday night by a phone call from the police; only to inform him that his security alarm had been set off.

The owner purchased the store 8 years ago, and has been running it ever since.

By the time the owner made it to his store, the police were already on the scene. Bystanders and employees alike were all staring at the outside of the building, where a vehicle had been driven right into the wall.

Apparently, about 3 feet of the store’s cinder-block wall had been pushed inward; creating massive amounts of damage for both the building and its inventory.

According to the police reports, the driver backed his black SUV into the Liquor store after leaving the Saloon across the street. The time of accident was slightly after 11:00 p.m.

After obtaining the surveillance video from the owner, the police determined that the large vehicle was slowly backing towards the store right before 11:00, when out of no where the driver accelerated the vehicle, slamming it into the side wall.

Not only was the cinder-block wall destroyed, but also layers of glass and plaster protecting the inventory was knocked out, breaking numerous liquor bottles.

The police were unable to read the tag on the vehicle via the surveillance video.

The car’s tag can’t be read from the surveillance video.

It has been estimated that over $3,000 worth of damage was done to the store alone. Additional damages are still being tallied as to the merchandise.

A patron of the bar across the street has given the name of the alleged defendant to the owner. The owner now plans to contact the defendant and discuss payment options to restore his building.

No evidence suggests that anyone was injured from the car accident; except perhaps Mr. Captain Morgan.

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