Carpal Tunnel Prevention

Many workplaces make use of computers, especially in offices. However, all that typing and clicking can eventually lead to carpal tunnel. This could seriously get in the way of you doing your job effectively. However, there are some ways that you can help protect yourself…

Carpal Tunnel: Repetitive Stress Injuries

Use less pressure

Often times, when we get used to doing something, we never give it a second thought. One of these areas can be how much force we use. For instance, you could grip a tool too hard when you don’t need to. Or, in this case, you use too much force when typing when gentle keystrokes are all you need.

Using too much pressure and force when typing isn’t the best thing for your hands and wrists. Doing so will add a lot of unnecessary strain on them which could lead to carpal tunnel. Plus, it’ll keep your hands tense, further complicating things. Instead, try to ease off the pressure and keep your hands more relaxed while you work.

Take a break

It’s always important to give yourself a break when you need it. This is pretty easy to see if you work at a job that requires a lot of physical activity. If you don’t take a break, your job quality can suffer, and your chance of injury can go up. However, for people who work desk jobs, this can be harder to realize.

While a desk job might not be a strenuous as other jobs, it still presents hazards like carpal tunnel. That’s why it’s still important to take the occasional break. A quick 10-15 minute break every hour, for example, is a good idea. Plus, you’ll also be giving not just your hands a break, but other areas like your eyes one as well.

Do some stretches

Part of preventing carpal tunnel is keeping your hands nice and loose. A great way to do this is by doing stretches. As it turns out, there’s plenty of different hand and wrist stretches you can do at the comfort of your own desk. 

One of the nice things about these stretches is that they compliment your breaks quite well. These stretches are quick, easy, and can be done at nearly any time. Doing them will help you keep your hands loose for the rest of your working day.