Two-Car Crash in Charlotte Causes Serious Injuries

Two people are injured after a multi-car crash in north Charlotte Friday morning.

The crash was reported around 9:45 a.m. in the 8100 block of University City Boulevard, about a quarter-mile north of the U.S. 29-N.C. 49 split.

According to a Charlotte Fire Department spokesperson, it took a crew of 14 firefighters almost 25 minutes to free a motorist from the wreckage.

Medics say two people have been transported to Carolinas Medical Center.  One person was suffering from potentially life-threatening injuries.

Details on the cause of the crash are still forthcoming.

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Multi-Car Crash in Charlotte Traps Victim In Car

Multiple rescue crews were called to the scene of a multi-car crash on Nations Ford Road in Southwest Charlotte late Tuesday morning.

The crash happened around 11 a.m. on Nations Ford Road between Hebron Street and Arrowood Road.

According to Charlotte Mecklenburg police, the crash also managed to damage nearby property. Crews are working on the scene.  It remains unclear how many people were injured in the crash.

Charlotte Fire Department crews also worked for some time to free at least one victim trapped in a vehicle.

Injured victims are being rushed to area hospitals for treatment.

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