Charlotte Man Attempting Suicide Drank Gasoline and Set Fire

The Charlotte Authorities have just released a report of a man who was attempting to commit suicide, but instead severely injured two others, Criminal Defense Attorney

and set an apartment on fire.

Accordingly, the defendant in this case is a troubled man, who in a suicide attempt drank gasoline and lighter fluid, right before he set his apartment on fire.

Apparently, the man was trying to take his own life but instead caused severe damage to everyone else.

The Fire Department was contacted around 10:40 p.m. Monday night to respond to some heavy smoke coming from one apartment.

When they arrived, the complex was beginning to become engulfed with flames. Resident in the other apartments were quickly forced to evacuate due to the imminent damage.

The location of the accident was on the 1700 block of Eastcrest Drive, in East Charlotte. The Charlotte Fire Department reported that tenants may have to stay out of their apartments for a few days, until the ruminants of the incident are cleaned up.

The Firefighters were thankfully able to rescue the man from his own demise, where the police then rushed him to Carolinas Medical Center for immediate aid.

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