Tips for Motorcycle Safety [INFOGRAPHIC]

Summer weather means it is time to dust off the motorcycle and ride! Riding a motorcycle can by more dangerous than driving a car, but by following a few simple safety tips, you can help ensure you get to your destination safely.

1) Wear Proper Gear– Even though the summer is hot, make sure you are wearing head, eye, and skin protection. By investing in a DOT approved helmet with a visor and a mesh jacket with built in armor, you can be cool and safe on your bike.

2) Check Before You Ride- Before you hop on your hog, make sure you do a thorough pre-ride inspection. Check to make sure you have enough gas in the tank, check your lights, your horn, your brake lines, and your chassis. This way, you won’t have any surprises on the road.

3) Use a Safe Following Distance- Never tailgate when riding your bike. Using a safe following distance ensures not only that you will have adequate stopping distance in the event of a sudden stop, but it will also help you to be seen by the driver in front of you.

4) Never Ride Next to a Truck– Trucks and 18-wheelers have large blind spots. Never ride next to a truck because, if they can’t see you, they may try to change lanes and run your off the road.

5) Use Caution When Carrying a Passenger– Carrying a passenger makes maneuvering and stopping your bike more difficult. Before hitting the highway, take a lap around the block to get used to the extra weight on the bike. Also, remind your passenger to stay still, keep their feet on the foot pegs, and keep their hands on your waist.

6) Never Drink and Ride- A majority of motorcycle accidents happen when the rider has had something to drink. Alcohol impairs you ability to judge and react, and also illegal!

7) You Are Responsible for Your Safety– Never assume that any car, truck, or pedestrian sees you and will follow the rules of the road. Your safety is your responsibility, so be vigilant and and smart when riding you motorcycle.

Bikers Safety Tips


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Motorcycle Safety Tips - An infographic by the team at Motorcycle Accident Lawyer South Carolina