Two Break-Ins Result in Breaking and Entering and Burglary Charges

Charlotte, North Carolina police say that a burglary suspect was apprehended in southwest Charlotte after a witness tipped them off with Blog-Handcuff and Jeansregard to a residential break-in.  Further, earlier in the week, a neighbor’s tip allowed Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers to arrest three teens in connection with a northwest Charlotte break-in.

Police report that a neighbor called 9-1-1 on Monday, stating that someone had smashed the window of a neighboring home, and then entered the house.  The witness was able to provide the police with a description of the suspect.

Officers were then able to apprehend a man that fit the witness’s description, as he was leaving a wooded area near the home.  Police were able to locate some of the neighbor’s property in the woods.  The man was charged with breaking and entering and larceny for this occurrence.

In North Carolina, a charge of burglary must take place at night.  If a burglary takes place during the day, the charge will be breaking and entering and larceny.  The elements of burglary are as follows: The (1) breaking and (2) entering, (3) of the dwelling of another, (4) at night, (5) with the intent to commit a felony or larceny therein.  This can be aggravated in NC if someone is present in the home at the time of the breaking and entering.

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