NC Trooper Causes Accident on I-95- NC Accident Attorney

Early Wednesday morning, a NC Highway Patrol Officer was traveling on Interstate 95 in North Carolina near mile 61, when he failed to yield the right of way when he was merging onto the highway.It has since been determined that the officer was in fact at fault, and will be disciplined internally, and accordingly says officials.

Trooper M.A. Bethea, 32, failed to yield the right of way when he was merging onto the road near the Wade-Stedman Road entrance at 2:19 a.m., a patrol spokesman said. Bethea was chasing a speeder when he entered the road. However, he had not turned on his blue lights, and his cruiser was rear-ended by a vehicle driven by Daniel Vigo, 35, of Cameron, officials said.

Bethea and Vigo were released from an area hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries, officials said. Vigo’s 2003 Honda and Bethea’s cruiser were towed from the scene because they had heavy tire damage. Vigo has not been charged.

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Charlotte Woman Airlifted After Colliding With Dump Truck–Charlotte Accident Attorneys

A 59-year-old Mooresville woman was airlifted to the Carolinas Medical Center Main Campus in Charlotte on Wednesday after a wreck near the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

At approximately 2:15 on Wednesday, Valerie Canup Williams was traveling at about 45 miles per hour west on Morehead Street when her Toyota crossed the center lane and collided with an Allied Waste Services refuse hauler, according to an incident report.  The truck was traveling at about 15 miles per hour when it was struck by Williams’ car.  The collision caused Williams’ vehicle to travel another 35 feet after impact.

Williams was trapped in her car, and medical workers had to remove her from the vehicle.  The driver of the truck suffered no injuries from the crash.  The collision caused $15,000 worth of damage to the truck and $9,000 to Williams’ Toyota.  Williams, who remains at the Carolinas Medical Center, is said to be in ‘fair’ condition, according to hospital staff.

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3 People Injured After Car Hits Curb- Charlotte Accident Attorney

Three people sustained “life threatening injuries” after the car they were in hit a curb, and flipped the vehicle over early Wednesday morning, around 2:30 a.m.

According to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, three people were in the car that was speeding down Tuckaseegee Road, when the driver lost control of the vehicle when he bumped a curb, flipping the vehicle over and causing serious injuries to the passengers and driver.

The CMPD closed the road for investigation purposes, but re-opened Tuckaseegee Rd. around 7:00 a.m. It has not been finalized, however alcohol is believed to have been a contributing factor to the accident.

Both passengers and the driver were ultimately taken to Carolinas Medical Center, the Main location, where there have been reports of possible ” life threatening injuries” to the victims.

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Jury Finds Fatal Dog Attack was an Accident- Charleston Attorney

A jury in North Charleston ruled on August 10th, that the dog mauling of a 2-year-old boy in North Charleston was an accident, and there was no foul play at hand.

Ja’Marr Tiller, the 2-year-old victim was a resident of Mt. Pleasant, a subsidiary of Charleston, S.C. The special jury was asked to determine if anyone should be held liable for the death od the little boy.

There was a major discrepancy in what the animal control officers were claiming, versus what the autopsy report discovered which led to the special jury being instructed the aforementioned.

According to the animal control officer, the dogs in question were timid, and upon capture, no sign of human blood was found in their teeth or hair. The vet offered a secondary statement, agreeing with animal control that the attack did not involve the dogs in question.

However, to the contrary, the autopsy report established that the child was in fact killed by the dogs, as the 193 wounds that were on the child’s body matched the teeth marks of the 2 dogs that were found on the scene on May 27, 2012.

The child’s body was found by his mother, after the mother returned from running errands. It is assumed that the child walked outside through the unlocked door of his home, right into the peril that killed him.

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Car Accident Sunday Afternoon- Charlotte Accident Attorney

It was a tragic day this past Sunday when Dan McGee was fatally wounded in a terrible car accident near Lake Wylie. The accident occurred in the city limits of Charlotte, in the 13000 block of Zoar Road, right on the border of the Carolinas, and directly outside the Lake Wylie city limits.

McGee was said to be driving alone, when he ran his 2007 Infiniti M45 off the road, eventually striking a tree and consequently, overturning his vehicle. It is unknown at this point whether alcohol played a role in this accident or not, however the police are still investigating. Speed, on the other hand, has been ruled a contributory factor in the one-man car accident.

McGee was pronounced dead at the scene due to the impact of the accident.

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