Child Brain Injury Recovery Not Same as Adult’s-SC Brain Injury Attorney

New pediatric brain injury research suggests that disability caused by child traumatic brain injury (TBI) does not improve after two or three years meaning that quick intervention is necessary after child brain injury.   The research supports the growing view that child brain injury should be viewed in a light different from adult brain injury.

While disability from child brain injury may improve for the couple years after the trauma, the improvement plateaus.

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Research Supports NFL Concussion lawsuit – Brain Injury SC Attorney

Purdue University researchers have found support for the key element in the concussion case against the NFL brought by former players: “Repetitive blows to the head produce subconcussive injury and increase the risk of long-term brain damage and cognitive decline.”

This notion has been controversial and has been viewed with skepticism in past concussion suits, and to some extent in the media.

While it has been clear for some time that concussions can cause neurological changes that may greatly affect the medical and psychological futures of football players, the Purdue Neurotrauma Group has now discovered that the cognitive abilities of even football players who never suffered are damaged.  Besides pure medicine, a goal of the researchers is to increase safety for football players and have helped in developing  helmet technology that reduces the impact of each trauma.

-ScienceDaily (June 12, 2012)

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