NC SC BUI – Operation Dry Water 2012 This Weekend

A national enforcement push for boating under the influence is on this weekend.  The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and the South Carolina Natural Resources Commission are both participating in the increased information and awareness effort this weekend.

Boaters can expect increased safety and violation checks.

Officers also aim to educate boaters as to the risks of alcohol on the water, since alcohol is involved in a disproportionate number of fatalities on the water.

BUI Attorneys

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Boating Under the Influence (BUI) – Death on the Lake

This weekend is supposed to bring the start of warm weather to the Carolinas. The lakes in SC and NC are anticipating a great summer with lots of boaters, skiiers, and swimmers. The article below reminds us all who love the lake to be responsible and look out for our fellow boaters and swimmers. It is easy to become intoxicated on the water and be charged with a “boating under the influence” (BUI) charge. Of even greater concern is when someone who is unsafe hurts or kills someone in a boating accident.

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