Man Charged with Assault After Striking Girlfriend in the Face

A Lancaster, South Carolina man is being charged with assault, criminal domestic violence, and malicious injury to property.  According to the police report, the incident occurred at Spoke Bar and Grill in Lancaster.  It is alleged that the man confronted a woman about speaking to another woman, and then punched the other woman in the face.

Thereafter, the woman left, walking into another bar; later in the night, the two met once again.  Witnesses say that the boyfriend demanded that she come with him, backed her into a wall, grabbed her by the throat, and punched her in the face.  Finally, as the man was walking out of the bar, he allegedly engaged in a fight with a bouncer at the bar.

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Gunman Threatens Clerk, Demands Money at Dollar General in Lancaster Co.

Authorities are charging a gunman with armed robbery after he stole money and jewelry from a clerk late Wednesday at the Dollar General in Lancaster County, SC.

As the clerk was closing the store around 10 p.m., the man entered the store on Pageland Highway with a handgun and demanded money from the cash register along with her personal jewelry, according to a release from Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

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Man Arrested in Lancaster, SC on Gun Related Charges

On October 15, Lancaster, SC Police arrested a man in connection with shooting a man in the leg. Police say the victim was taken to Springs Memorial Hospital; he was treated for his injury, and released. 

 The alleged shooter was driving a burgundy Chevrolet Caprice, which the police say was the same car used in the shooting.  The man was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder, possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a crime of violence, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.  Cocaine was also found in the shooter’s possession, reported police.

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