Lancaster Car Wreck and South Carolina Wrongful Death

Last year, a woman was killed in the accident that happened off of U.S. 21 nearFoot Lawn Road.  A car and a pick-up truck collided after the two vehicles were heading in different direction, according to the police report.

Two people were injured in the accident, and one of them was killed.  The police took the injured people toPiedmontMedicalCenter, andSpringsMemorialHospital.  Police reported that they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. 

The elements of damages generally recoverable in a wrongful death action in South Carolina are: (1) Pecuniary loss, (2) mental shock and suffering, (3) wounded feelings, (4) grief and sorrow, (5) loss of companionship, and (6) deprivation of the use and comfort of the intestate’s society, the loss of her experience, knowledge, and judgment in managing the affairs of herself and her beneficiaries, in addition to the loss of her ability to earn money for the support, maintenance, care and protection of his wife and children, and for the education of training of the latter. Brooks v. United States, 273 F. Supp. 619, 626 (1967).

South Carolinadoes not limit the survivors’ recovery to pecuniary loss only, but allows recovery for survivors’ sorrow and mental anguish.  Pecuniary loss is therefore calculated by: (1) the prospective earnings of the decedent subsequent to death, (2) calculated on the basis of his “work expectancy,” and (3) the extent to which his statutory beneficiaries “might logically and reasonably have expected to share in such prospective earnings.” Welch v. Epstein, 342 S.C. 279, 280 (2000).

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