Lancaster Woman Dies After Motorcycle Accident

A Lancaster resident has subsequently passed away after a violent motorcycle accident she was involved in earlier in the month.

Accordingly, the 42-year-old Lancaster woman was riding her motorcycle around 4:45 p.m. when she was travelling westbound on S,C, 5.

She was driving her a 1997 Kawasaki motorcycle, when a vehicle travelling eastbound began to approach her. When the car and the motorcycle were parallel to one another, the car attempted to make a left turn onto Steel Hill Road, colliding with the victim’s motorcycle.

The Lancaster woman was not wearing her helmet at the time of the accident. Upon the paramedics arrival, the victim was airlifted to the closest hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The victim survived for a little over a week, until she was subsequently pronounced dead while still in the hospital.

There are no clues or suspicions as to if either of the drivers were intoxicated while operating their vehicles.

Motorcycle accidents are exponentially more dangerous then that of a regular car. The rationale is that when you are driving a car, you have more metal and protection between you and the collision. However, unlike a typical car, the only thing protecting a person driving a motorcycle from impact due to a collision is their own bodies.

That being said, it is pertinent that one driving a motorcycle exercises extra precautions when operating their vehicle. Wearing a helmet is key. If there is no protection between you and the possible impact, the best thing to do is use your brain and protect it. Thousands of people die every year from serious head or brain injuries due to motorcycle accidents whereas the result may have been different if their head had been protected.

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