Tractor-Trailer Accident on I-77 Injures Three Earlier This Month

Three people were seriously injured when a tractor-trailer and car collided on Interstate-77 last month.18 Wheeler Super Singles

In late December, a car and tractor-trailer were involved in a deadly crash that seriously injured three individuals.

The accident occurred on May 2nd, right on the North Carolina and Virginia border on Interstate 77, which connects Columbia, SC to Ohio, by way of cities including Charlotte. This is a very typical spot for accidents to occur due to the curving roads that bind the two states.

According to the police reports, driver of a small sedan lost control of his vehicle and crossed over into the fellow driver’s lanes. Particularly, he crossed the path of a FedEx truck/tractor-trailer,  who was making a haul to Harper’s Ferry at the time.

Upon impact, the tractor-trailer caught fire and burst into flames. It is believed it may of had some hazardous materials inside. The Hazmat crew was called to the scene immediately.

Luckily, nothing leaked out of the containers in the tractor-trailer,so the flames were able to be contained. The crew took about 4 hours to clean up the debris; blocking two of the four lanes on the highway.

One of the driver’s was taken to the closest hospital via helicopter, while the paramedics drove the other two injured parties to the hospital by ambulance.

Large commercial “big rigs” or “18-wheelers” are the biggest, heaviest vehicles permitted on our nation’s highways. Because of their sheer size and weight, they can become unstable at highway speeds unless all rules are strictly followed.  If not, “accidents” occur and almost always results in serious injury and/or death.

Both State and federal agencies have tried to minimize the risks by enacting extensive regulations for the trucking industry. Nevertheless, many trucking companies and private drivers still refuse to follow basic safety and maintenance rules that have been put in place. With the difficult economy, there has been less demand for trucking combined with higher fuel prices.

As a result, routine maintenance is delayed, and drivers are pressured to get their loads to their destinations quickly, no matter what. As a result, truckers are forced to drive longer and perform vehicle maintenance only when absolutely necessary just to survive. The fatigue that the truckers experience is exponential when determining who is at fault

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