Public Intoxication Arrest at Fort Mill’s Carowinds

DUI Defense AttorneyFort Mill and Charlotte Mecklenburg’s Police Departments have banned together to arrest a North Carolina homeless man living in the woods near the ever-popular Carowinds.

Carowinds is unique as far as jurisdictional issues goes, because it lays right on the boarder of North and South Carolina, with half of the park in one state, and the other half in the other.

According to the arresting deputies, the homeless man was seen drunk in public while he was attempting to panhandle at a convenience store. When the officers requested him to cease and desist, he refused to do so, allowing the officers to arrest him.

The officers were alerted of this mischief late Wednesday night, when a clerk at a convenience store called in and said the homeless man was begging for money on Carowinds Blvd, even at the entrance into the park.

By the time the officers arrived, the 52-year-old man was sitting on a stack of empty beer bottles. He told the police that he had never been asked to leave, and denied ever carrying a sign.

When the defendant stood to hit feet, he could not remain stable without holding onto the top of the officer’s patrol car.

The defendant has been charged with public intoxication, public disorderly conduct, as well as trespassing. He is currently being held at the York County jail with a minimum bond of $732.50.

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