Rock Hill Woman Smothered to Death By Nursing Home Employee

A Rock Hill elderly woman was killed in November 2011, when her assisted living care nurse smothered the victim to death. The employee’s actions were discovered when she attempted to steal and cash checks from the victim’s banking account.

The 30-year-old former assisted living employee was charged with murder, and sentenced to life in prison this past Thursday. The 82-year-old victim was found dead in her shower at the Oak Bridge Terrace Assisted Residences, on the campus of Park Pointe Village Assisted Living facility in Rock Hill, SC. It was reported by the woman’s family that the body of the deceased was “badly bruised.”

An investigation discovered that the Rock Hill Police had been at the Park Pointe Village the day before the victim’s death, when it was reported that the victim’s checkbook had been stolen.The victim told the Rock Hill police that four checks had been written to the defendant that did not match her signature, totaling to $1,280. The checks were written between October 12 and November 1 of 2011.

The defendant had access to all of the assisted living residents, but was not at work at the time of the complaint, and was since suspended from her job. Later, it was discovered that the defendant had gotten another employee to let her into the facility when she murdered the victim. The defendant reportedly put a shower cap of the victim’s head, put her into the shower while running, and suffocated her.

The body was found around 6:30 a.m., when CPR was attempted, but sadly failed.

The victim’s family is suing the assisted living home for the wrongful death of their loved one.

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