Rock Hill Woman Rips Antenna of Cab and Beats Cab With It.

A Rock Hill woman was arrested this weekend and  charged civilly with property damage, and criminally with public disorderly conduct for ripping an antenna off of a cab, and subsequently beating the car with it. This incident was reported early Saturday morning.

The report was filed by the 52-year-old cab driver, who picked up the Defendant off of W. White Street sometime shortly after midnight.

For whatever reason, the woman went ballistic, jumped out of the cab, ripped off the antenna, and began to beat the car with it. All the cab driver knows is that they were headed in the direction of the victim’s home when her temper got the best of her. Moreover, the “cab attack” damaged over $100 of the vehicle.

The 27-year-old is currently awaiting her bond of $6,000 for her weekend behavior. Fortunately for the cab driver, he suffered no personal injury.

In the case at hand, the cab driver was lucky to escape the cab attack without a scratch on him. However, this is rarely the case. Cab drivers are attacked more often than you may think. Many criminals “hi-jack” the cab and commit a crime, thinking they will be undetected in a car that is not their own. If the woman had hit the cab driver instead of the vehicle, the charges would be much more serious.

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