SC Father and Son Killed By Home Fire

Two residents of Darlington, South Carolina, were killed when their adjacent homes were destroyed by fire last Sunday.

The father, a 67-year-old veteran journalist lived in the main house whereas the son lived behind him in the “guest house.”

Firefighters received a frantic phone call from the son Sunday morning, stating that the main house had caught aflame, and reported to the communications officer that he was entering the home to search for his father.

Sadly, by the time the firefighters arrived on site, both men were found dead. One body was found near the front of the house, and the second body was found toward the back of the house.

The Darlington Fire Department battled flames for over 2 hours before they were able to enter the house and discover the bodies, which were pronounced dead on scene. The fire completely destroyed the 110-year-old two-story home.

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Chester Sky Diver is Killed When He Landed Too Hard

A man from Chester, SC died Sunday morning after a skydiving incident gone awry.

Authorities reported that the sky diver was killed when he landed too hard at an airport in Chester around 10:15 a.m. Sunday morning. The man was airlifted to Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, NC, where he subsequently died. Sky Diving Accidents

According to the police reports, the accident was not caused by any malfunction of the plane. Moreover, it was unknown if the sky diver was diving alone, or if the victim had been diving in a group, or even perhaps the victim had been strapped to another sky diver during the jump.

The company that coordinated the dive was Skydive Carolina. It was reported additionally that there were no issues or problems with the parachute the diver was using, and no other equipment malfunctioned.

Thus, an investigation will be conducted to answer some of these unknown questions.

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Family Injured by Tractor on SC 324 in York County

Two Rock Hill residents were severely injured Monday morning after a tractor accident involving a power pole.  For the son, the injury ended in fatality, and the father was seriously burned.

The York County emergency officials state that the 31-year-old son was killed after the tractor collided with the power pole on S.C. Highway 324. The family reported that the fathered was burned, as he tried to push his only son out-of-the-way of the machine.

The father, a Vietnam veteran and Bronze Star recipient was flown to the burn center in Augusta, Georgia with burns to his arms, legs, and left side.

The is currently an investigation being conducted by Duke Energy into this matter.

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Single Car Accident Kills-Rock Hill Wrongful Death Attorneys

Monday afternoon was grim for one individual who lost their life in a single-car accident.

The accident occurred around 4:10 p.m., near the Burns Ford Car Dealership, on 2001 Highway 521. The single-car accident took the life of an 18-year-old Heath Spring resident.

The victim was driving a 1997 Honda Accord, when the car ran off the side of the road and struck a tree. The victim was reported to have been wearing his seatbelt, but was nevertheless pronounced dead at the scene. As of now, there is no detail given as to why the victim’s car swerved off-road.

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Rock Hill Pedestrian Killed In Car Accident

A Rock Hill resident was killed late Wednesday night, when she was hit by a car while crossing Heckle Boulevard and McCullough Street. Upon investigation, it was reported that it was the pedestrian who failed to yield to the vehicle crossing the street. The two roads were closed down, but have since been reopened.

Furthermore, the investigative report stated that the woman was also intoxicated at the time of the accident. She was swiftly transported to Piedmont Medical Center, where she unfortunately passed away.

The South Carolina Wrongful Death Attorneys

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