Texting while driving is incredibly dangerous. Every year, thousands of people get into serious car accidents because of drivers looking at their phones. If you realize that you have a problem with texting and driving, then you are doing a great job in finding ways to stop yourself. There are helpful apps that exist just for this purpose. You can put your phone on silent or even out of reach while you drive. And finally, reward yourself when you stick to your goals. It can be difficult but hopefully, the tips below will help you achieve your goal of never texting and driving again.

How to Quit Texting While Driving: Cut Out the Distraction and Be Safer

Helpful Apps

If you are wanting to stop texting while driving, there are several apps on the market that can help you. Many of them use features that can lock your phone while your car is in motion. Some apps can also send an automatic response if you receive a text that says you’re currently driving and unable to answer. Yet others block your phone from receiving calls or texts until you’ve reached your destination. In addition, some apps even reward you for driving without distraction by giving you coupons or incentives.

Put Phone on Silent

Another way to try and stop texting while driving is to simply have your phone on silent. No matter what is going on with work, it’s not worth risking a car accident. If your car comes with Bluetooth, you can still receive calls that come in. You can even have Siri read any texts you receive out loud. You can also use voice control to send response text messages back without having to read on your phone’s screen.

Put Phone Out of Reach

It’s easy to resist the temptation of texting while driving if you can’t reach your phone. Many people find that even if their phone is on silent, they still want to check it periodically. If you put it safely in your glove box or trunk then you won’t be able to reach it while driving. Before you leave for your trip, just make sure that you’ve sent any texts you need to or returned any important calls.

Reward System

Finally, one way to help yourself stop texting while driving is to reward yourself. You can plan out your future rewards in advance so that you have a goal to strive for. For example, buy yourself a special meal or small treat if you can make it five trips in the car without texting. Having a goal in mind to focus on will help you stay on track. After a while, you probably won’t even need the reward system anymore. You will have simply adjusted to being able to drive without wanting to use your phone at the same time.

Texting while driving is difficult to stop if you’ve become accustomed to it. However, with a little focus, you will be able to give it up. Try using apps designed to help with this. In addition, you can turn your phone on silent or put it out of reach. And finally, set up a reward system to keep you focused on your goal when you’re feeling tempted. Hopefully, you’ll be able to achieve your goals and be safer on the road. Not only for yourself, but for other drivers around you who could be hurt if you drive distractedly.