Driving a commercial truck is hard work. Furthermore, driving around commercial trucks can be intimidating to many. We know that you have to be a superior driver to get behind the wheel of a big rig, but accidents will happen. While we can take steps to prevent an ‘oops’, we aren’t always so lucky. One potentially deadly hazard for truckers and drivers is a tire blowout. We expect the standard wear and tear, especially on a vehicle that is so large and traveling so much. But, as tires age, or if you’re skipping maintenance, a tire blowout can become serious for all drivers.

Tire Blowout: A Dangerous Accident

One of the most dangerous things about a tire blowout is that it can occur out of nowhere. Maybe the tire has become a bit deflated, or worn down. Next thing you know, the rubber hits the roadway, and cars start to scramble. One of the largest saving graces for big rigs is that they typically have a lot more tires than a passenger car does. Therefore, they usually have enough time to get off of the roadway and repair the issue without too much skin off their back. However, it’s not so simple for other drivers.

Nearby vehicles will likely hear a loud ‘pop’ or ‘bang’ sound, and shreds of black rubber will scatter across the roadway and into the path that vehicles are traveling at high speed. These shreds of rubber serve as a distraction, a hazard to drivers, and can cause damage to other vehicles.

What causes this issue?

Ultimately, wear and tear is the root of this issue most of the time. For passenger car vehicles, we typically aren’t driving cross country on a daily basis. Therefore, while we need to replace our tires on occasion, a truck driver will need to replace them a bit more frequently. Their tires are built to last longer than our vehicles. But, they’ll often reach that ‘time to change’ marker a bit quicker than we will. Ultimately, performing routine maintenance and quality checks on your tractor-trailer can be pretty telling. If you notice wear on your treads or repetitive flat tires, it might be time to go ahead and update those wheels.

Accidents will always happen, and sometimes they cannot be easily explained. However, by performing routine maintenance, we can prevent at least a few of them. Furthermore, as a passenger car driver, make plans for the ‘what if’. You might never have to use those plans. But, knowing your plan of action if you see a tire blowout can make a huge difference in your reaction time. Not to mention, it can go a long way to prevent potential damage to yourself or the vehicle.