Two gentlemen were walking the streets of Lancaster Co. in late May, when all of a sudden a car swerved towards the pedestrians, hit and injured them, quickly speeding away.  Since the accident, the Highway SC Personal Injury AttorneyPatrol Troopers have arrested two teens for the hit-and-run accident, one age 18, the other 19. Both have been charged with attempted murder.

A nearby resident said it sounded like a gunshot when the men were hit.  The men landed in the front yard of another resident, one unconscious while the other was screaming from the excruciating pain of his broken leg. According to authorities, the two teens and the men had been involved in a drug related dispute and the teens allegedly sought out and struck the men walking.

Research conducted by the NHTSA shows that on average, a pedestrian was killed every two hours and injured every eight minutes in traffic crashes in the United States in 2012. Not only should drivers be vigilant of pedestrians, but also, pedestrians must keep a watchful eye out for drivers. When it is late at night, it can often times be difficult to see, especially if the pedestrian is wearing dark-colored clothing. If both drivers and pedestrians are mindful of each other, the number of pedestrian accidents would quickly decrease.

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