Semi-trucks are everywhere you look on the highways. However, due to their weight and size, they are prone to get into an accident. There are many types of truck accidents. No matter which type it is, they can be very dangerous. Truck drivers need to be very careful when they are driving. However, other cars need to be aware and mindful around trucks as well.

Types of Truck Accidents: Different Ways They Can Cause Accidents

The Vehicle

There are several ways in which the truck itself can cause the accident. A jackknife is one of the types of truck accidents. This happens when a truck trailer folds up on itself so that the cab now forms a 90 degree angle with the trailer. This can happen when a driver brakes hard and quickly. The weight of the trailer brings it forward against the cab, especially if the truck is overloaded. There is also the possibility for a truck to rollover. This could be a result of a driver losing control of his truck. This could cause a lot of danger to the other cars on the road too. 

Trucks can make very wide turns. A wide turn is when a driver swings left before making a right turn. When the driver is not aware of rear traffic or the right side surroundings, it can trap vehicles or even pedestrians. Trucks also have very large blind spots. This can make it dangerous for cars nearby, as a truck may not be able to see them. A truck could change lanes right into another car if the car is in it’s blind spot.


Another one of the types of truck accidents is caused by debris from the truck. Semi-trucks are known for having tire blow outs. This is because they are so heavy that they put a lot of pressure on their tires. When this happens, a big, heavy tire could get thrown up into the air. The tire could hit other cars or block the roadway. It is also possible for a semi-truck to loose it’s cargo load. If the driver or loaders do not properly load or secure the cargo, it could fall out. The lost cargo can then cause a hazard.

Other Cars

It is also possible for other cars on the road to cause a collision with a semi-truck. These can be very serious. It is possible for another car to get stuck underneath the trailer of a truck. This can happen if the truck stops quickly and the other car doesn’t have enough space to react in time. These are one of the most dangerous types of truck accidents.

A car could also be in a head-on collision, or a T-Bone accident, with a semi-truck. These could be either parties fault, depending on what the circumstances were about the crash. Just as with any accident involving a semi-truck, these can be very serious. This is why it is so important to be a defensive driver.