A woman from Rock Hill was found in her car by witnesses who say she was trying to spray herself in the face with Ultra Duster, an over-Blog-DWI 2the-counter computer cleaning spray that some people use for huffing purposes.  The woman claimed that she was blowing the dust cleaner in her face because she claimed to be hot and hypoglycemic.

A witness reports that she viewed a 50-year-old woman sitting in a sports utility vehicle about ten feet from an intersection near the Wal-mart.  She had her hazard lights flashing, and was forcing cars to move around her.  Further, according to the police report, the witness returned with her boyfriend just a while later to see the car parked in a driveway nearby.

When the couple approached the vehicle, they report that the woman was “rolling her head” holding a can of Ultra Duster upside down as she attempted to spray it into her face.  The witnesses thereafter called the police; they report that while they were waiting a person drove by and stated that the woman “huffs a lot of paint.”

When officials arrived at the scene, the woman reported to deputies that she was “hot and dizzy.”  The woman also told the police that she blew the spray in her own face because her car was low on gas, and she did not want to use the air conditioning.  She also stated that she sprayed the can to calm down, and that she suffers from hypoglycemia and depression. However, no snacks were present in the car to indicate attempts to recover from decreases in blood sugar.

The confused woman was charged with unlawful use of aromatic hydrocarbons after two cans of Ultra Duster were found discarded.  The woman also faces littering charges.  When the woman’s husband arrived, he informed police that the wife had problems with inhalants in the past.  Further, court records indicate that two counts of unlawful use of aromatic hydrocarbons were dismissed against the woman three weeks ago.

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