A worker’s compensation claim can follow with a couple different things. Some will modify your duty at work, and others mean time off to recover. However, your employer and the insurance company may be eager for you to return to work. You shouldn’t rush returning to work— it can be detrimental to your recuperation. Even you might feel like you are ready to make a workforce re-entrance. Remember that there are several steps you need to take before doing so after a worker’s compensation claim.

Workforce Re-Entrance: Getting Back in the Swing 

Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor will become a common point of contact after a workplace injury. He/she will develop a plan for recovery. This plan will project when you can make your workforce re-entrance. Your doctor will clear you to return when they feel you are medically sound. After reaching your peak improvement level, you should consult your doctor. Sometimes, doctors may allow you to return to your job with modifications or restrictions.

Be Prepared

If you are allowed to return to work with restrictions per the doctor, be prepared. Bring a note with those details to your employer. You should keep a copy of this note for your records. Be advised that workforce re-entrance with restrictions is important to your full recovery. If your employer does not follow the doctor’s orders, please consult your legal representation.

Stay Connected

Staying in contact with your doctor is important. What’s also important is staying in contact with your employer. Giving your employer updates on your status and recovery will make your workforce re-entrance smoother. These updates lets your employer know you’re taking your recovery seriously. When you do return to work, make sure you inform the proper authorities that you are doing so.

Make a Plan

When you make your workforce re-entrance, making a plan is a good idea. You can make this plan with help from your employer. Therefore, you, your employer, and even your doctor will have a clear and concise means of planning for your return and what that looks like.

Don’t Rush

Lastly, a workforce re-entrance probably means you’ll start making the same amount of money that you made pre-injury. If a doctor has given medical clearance for you to start working again but you still feel like something is wrong, consult your lawyer as soon as possible. Ask any questions you have regarding your case before returning.