When someone is considering or going through a divorce, everyone wants the “best family law attorney” on their side. As a result, searches on the internet for “best family law attorney” or “best divorce lawyer” are very common. But these search results will only provide you with a list of lawyers who practice in your area. This is just the beginning of your important first task of selecting the best attorney for you. Just like every case is different, it is the same with attorneys. Each lawyer has their own style and experience level. Because a divorce is so emotionally charged, it is critically important that you carefully choose who is “best” for you and your personality.

Some lawyers (and their mothers) may think that they are the best, but the South Carolina Bar does not allow any attorney to actually make that claim. And we are not making that assertion here either. What we are suggesting is that it is imperative to compare different family law attorneys in order to find the best attorney for you. We encourage a thorough review of credentials and experience and then a meeting to “get a feel” for different lawyers’ demeanor and confidence level. You will know after you finish your search who is the right family lawyer for your situation. Here in Fort Mill, there are a number of very good family lawyers from which to choose. We would be honored to be considered to protect your interests during divorce. Below, we further outline a process we believe is helpful in evaluating and then deciding who you want on your team. For additional information about our firm and how we practice family law, you can call or email our lawyers directly – Robert Reeves 803-554-4157 .


Here is a suggested way to find who is best for you and your particular situation. First, plan to do your own research. Friends, family members, and even co-workers will all offer their best recommendation – sometimes solicited but oftentimes not. After all, in this era of so many attorneys, almost everyone knows a “good lawyer.” However, such a random choice is not sufficient given the importance of who to choose to represent you and your family. Individual experiences with different lawyers will vary. And, given the high emotions involved, many clients become frustrated and even upset during the divorce action. Divorce is not easy in most cases, and both parties have to compromise to get to resolution. This is why your personality should closely match your divorce lawyer’s demeanor. There will be many difficult and hard decisions. You need to have a certain level of trust in your attorney to help guide you through the system and make the best decisions for your situation. Certainly, ask around. But don’t stop there.


Next, and this is critical, research different lawyers and law firms in your area. Everyone goes to the internet seeking answers. Family law attorney websites should be informative and provide substantive information about their backgrounds, experience, as well as the divorce process and what you are facing. Some websites offer pictures of couples arguing and clever marketing phrases but little information about divorce law. We try to give our clients content on divorce, child custody and support, property division, and alimony because we know they have lots of questions and need answers. Knowledge of what they are facing and what to expect will help their fear and anxiety. Then, we meet with them to review the particular facts of their situation. Little facts can often make a big difference in divorce cases. Your lawyer needs to be thorough and also willing to listen. You have to listen before you can give good advice. We believe it is beneficial to retain local counsel for a number of reasons. Their offices will be more convenient to clients, and their relationships with other lawyers and even family court judges can often help you navigate through the legal process.


The final part of the search for your best family law attorney is to actually meet with the top two or three divorce lawyers that you initially like the most. Just like anything else in life, there is no substitute for actually meeting someone face-to-face and being able to evaluate them in person. Videos can be helpful, but a personal meeting is the best way to determine if this lawyer will be the right fit for you. Personalities matter in divorce representation, or the lack of one. Being able to effectively communicate and be heard are critical to effectively dealing with the various issues that will arise during the separation and final divorce. You also need the confidence that your family lawyer actually knows what they are doing and whether they can prepare you on what to expect. Most firms charge an initial consultation fee, but the money spent now is clearly worth the minimal cost before making your final decision. The ultimate choice of which law firm you use can make a real difference as you go through the divorce process. It is important that you be able to work with your family lawyer and trust that person as they guide and advise you. Just like communication with your spouse is important in marriage, communication with your family lawyer is key during divorce. The professional relationship you form with your lawyer can help make this ordeal easier and enable you to make better choices as you start a new chapter in life.

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