An auto accident can change your life forever in an instant. If you are on the road, you are at risk. We see it everyday. Someone is going too fast, not paying attention to the road, or is on their cell phone texting. Others are impaired or otherwise unsafe to drive, whether from alcohol or drugs. Sadly, you or your family member can be seriously injured or killed even if you do everything right. Fortunately, our trial lawyers are experienced auto accident attorneys who practice personal injury law and can help. It’s what we do everyday.

Whether you’ve been involved in a car wreck with another automobile or large commercial “tractor trailer” truck, you need aggressive and experienced lawyers on your side. There are so many questions going through your mind. Who is going to pay for my medical treatment? How am I going to support my family while I’m unable to work? Is anyone else liable for my injuries? Does the person who caused this have enough insurance or any at all? Will I recover from my injuries and be able to go on with my life? What if I cannot go back to work? You have enough on your plate without having to try to figure out the law, too. That’s why you need our experienced accident law firm to take this burden away. We have the training, knowledge, and experience as well as the passion to make a real difference in your case.

Our attorneys have helped many families facing the same fears and concerns that you have. As a former Registered Nurse (RN), attorney Robert J. Reeves has personally treated serious accident victims and understands the long-term consequences of serious injury cases. We appreciate what you are going through during this crisis in your life. We are here to help.

Auto Accident Negligence:

When it comes to personal injury cases and clients, nearly every person calling our office has been injured in some capacity (or in more serious cases, they might have a loved one who has been injured or killed). Most commonly, we come across injuries related to automobile accidents. However, we also see injuries related to motorcycle or tractor trailer accidents as well— these often being more serious. 

Nearly every conversation begins with the victim relaying what ‘damages’ they have faced. These damages will be any injuries that are a result of the accident. Understandably, these injuries, and the recovery path and cost, is pretty high on the priority list. When it comes to recovering damages in an SC auto accident cases, we have to prove liability on part of the other driver. 

Every driver has a duty to operate our vehicles with care and awareness as measured by following the law. Some examples of this would be: stopping at red lights, observing the speed limit, not driving drunk, and maintaining your lane. In short, driving safe and smart equals out to operating your vehicle with care. When we fail to do these things, we have ‘breached our duty of due care’, which means we are liable for any issue that might arise as a result of our negligence.

We have a choice to drive safely… 

When we neglect our ability to drive safety, accidents will happen which can often lead to injuries for ourselves and others. These accidents can be the result of one or both drivers. However, the level of fault is up to a judge or jury to decide on. The driver might be found anywhere from 100% negligent on down to a much lower percentage, the other portion being determined as the other driver’s fault. The term, and the standard, for this issue differs a bit between North and South Carolina. However, we won’t go too much further into it within this text. For further questions or to discuss your case, please reach out to our NC/SC traffic attorneys today so that we can make sense of your individual case for you. 

We handle the following types of motor vehicle accident cases:

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