Bicycle and/or pedestian accidents, including inline skating and even Segways, usually result from a driver who is not paying attention, is under the influence of drugs/alcohol, or is talking on a cell phone and/or texting.

Many times, these mishaps occur in crosswalks and at  intersections. Because pedestrians and bicyclist have little to no protective gear, their injuries in these cases are often very serious, and even fatal, sometimes resulting in brain, head, or spinal cord injury.

As an avid bicyclist myself, I am amazed at how car drivers never seem to be aware of their surroundings as they pull up to intersections or leave parking lots. Even in “bicycle friendly” areas in Charlotte, I avoid being struck only by assuming drivers are not going to “see me” or stop and look before they pull out into traffic.

Also, crosswalk signs are a great guide to when you can safely cross, never rely on them totally as drivers will often ignore your presence, even in the “safety zone.”

Because the injuries are so substantial, insurance companies aggressively defend whether they are legally liable and often “blame the victim” for causing the accident. It is critical to get an experienced personal injury lawyer involved as soon as possible. Never give a statement to an insurance adjuster until you have consulted an attorney.

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