People have always found some way to focus on anything but the road when driving. First, there was the radio. Then, drivers became preoccupied with CB use. Now, there are “cell phones” and internet ready “smart phones” to distract drivers. For all practical purposes, these devices are replacing laptops. Unfortunately, many drivers are distracted from paying attention to the road while texting, returning emails, or checking their Facebook page. Recent studies have shown text messaging can be even more dangerous to safe driving than drunk driving. In every automobile accident case, we now routinely get cell phone records to determine if the driver was actively using their device at the time of impact. It is both surprising and scary how many people actually are. And even if they are using Bluetooth technology, the human brain simply cannot effectively drive, navigate traffic, be aware of pedestrians or bicyclists, and/or listen to the radio, all at the same time and still drive safely. When on the road, please always be aware of your surroundings and watch out for the other driver. Be Safe. Get Home.


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