Building self-esteem in recovery from alcoholism is so important because alcoholism can be associated with low self-confidence. Boosting your self-esteem can help with your overall recovery. One of the most important steps to building self-confidence is to forgive yourself for past mistakes. Another thing you can try is to keep a progress report of how far you’ve progressed. Try to accept compliments when people say nice things to you. And finally, try to do something nice for others. All of these things can hopefully help you build self-confidence and in turn, help you with your recovery.

Building Self-Esteem in Recovery from Alcoholism: Recognizing Your Progress

Forgive Yourself For Past Mistakes

One important aspect of recovery, in general, is to be able to forgive yourself. It’s especially important if you’re building self-esteem in recovery from alcoholism. Even if you’ve made mistakes in the past, you’re actively trying to right them now. That’s the important thing to remember. It’s also important to forgive yourself if you fall off the wagon. Forgiving yourself for mistakes will allow you to move past them and continue to work towards your goal.

Keep a Progress Report

Building self-esteem in recovery is a bit easier if it’s easy to look at the progress you’ve made. Therefore, it can be helpful to keep track of all your goals and triumphs. You can use apps for this or good old pen and paper. Journaling in recovery can be very helpful for seeing the progress you make. When you’re having self-doubts you can look back on earlier entries and see just how far you’ve come.

Accept Compliments

Part of building self-esteem in recovery also means accepting compliments from others. When you are making great progress, people are bound to notice. Recovering from alcoholism can have tons of great effects on the body, from improved mood to brighter skin. If somebody notices how hard you’ve been working, accept the compliment they give you as truth.

Be Kind

Finally, building self-esteem in recovery is easier if you’re kind to others. Studies have shown that doing one nice deed for another person each day can lead to more feelings of self-confidence. You feel important and helpful, and others are appreciative of you. All of these things can help your self-esteem. Plus you’ll probably gain some new friends.

Building self-esteem in recovery from alcoholism can be difficult but will help you in the long run. There are many things about recovery that can tear down your self-confidence, but it’s important to remember all the progress you’ve made. Try to keep track of all your successes so you can review them when you’re feeling low. Accept that you’ve done things in the past you’re not proud of but that now you’re turning yourself around for the better. Accept compliments when others recognize how well you’re doing in recovery. And finally, try to do one nice good deed for somebody else every day. All of these things will hopefully allow you to increase your self-confidence. The recovery process is much easier if you’re armed with high self-esteem. You’ll know your own worth and know how important your sobriety is.