One of the first tasks a DUI lawyer at trial is to reverse the jury’s stereotype of a “DUI” or “drunk driver.” Not all incidents where an individual is driving under the influence are equal, and as with all potential crimes, there are degrees of blameworthiness. What we reinforce to juries in the opening statement is that everyone who finds themselves accused of a crime comes before them “presumed innocent.” Then, the State of South Carolina must prove them guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Why such a high standard of proof required. Because it is the State of South Carolina, with all of its resources, against an individual with limited means to defend themselves. That standard makes the fight just a little more balanced. As you can see, it is critical that you hire an experienced criminal trial attorney as early as possible. There is simply too much at stake to risk hiring the wrong lawyer.

At Reeves, Aiken, Hightower & Burns LLC, our seasoned attorneys have over 70 years of combined trial experience in both civil and criminal courts.  We focus our criminal practice on DUI and DWI cases in both South Carolina and North Carolina and are available by mobile phone in the evenings, on weekends, and even holidays. Our lawyers are licensed in both states and are aggressive criminal trial attorneys.  We are not afraid to go to Court and often do. Don’t settle for a lawyer who only wants to reduce your DUI charges to reckless driving. We welcome the opportunity to sit down and personally discuss your case. Compare our attorneys’ credentials to any other firm. Then call us today at 803-548-4444 for a private consultation.