A mother and resident of Columbia S.C., has just been sentenced to 10 years in prison due to unlawful conduct toward her currently missing toddler/child. Judge Knox made his decision this past Friday for Zinah Jennings, after much contemplation and scrutinization of photos of the missing toddler, Amir Jennings and his left behind belongings. Knox’ punishment was to sentence the mother to 10 years in prison for “unlawful conduct towards a child.”

It took the jury only about 2.5 hours to reach their decision and find the mother negligent and guilty of the crime at large. It is stated that Zinah appeared to be emotionless as the jury handed in their verdict. Ironically, Zinah actually gave birth to her second child on the 6th day of the jury trial, and the fact-finders still found her guilty. Her attorney has taken the stance that no decision for an appeal will be made until he and his client discuss the options for the new child, the mother, and the alike.

Amir and Zinah Jennings were reported missing in early December by Zinah’s mother, Jocelyn Jennings, after Zinah had been involved in a single vehicle car accident in Columbia; however Amir was not stated to be with his mother at the time of the incident. Since then, Zinah has refused to tell the police where her son is, and is only reported to of said, “he is in a safe place.”

This statement has left everyone confused, as the police conducted a massive search from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC in efforts to locate the missing toddler. Such investigation included reviews of cell phone records, an actual manhunt in Northern Richland, and calling on 41 witnesses discussing how Zinah treated Amir. Insomuch, it was reported by the witnesses that Zinah had been spotted kicking her son, squeezing him until he cried, and letting him wander in and out of a bank unsupervised, at less than 2 years of age.

The defense tried to rebut these statements with contrary witnesses whom states they had seen Amir “clean and happy on numerous occasions.” In fact, on Consignment store owner stated that she saw Zinah and Amir shopping in his store the week before Christmas. However, this statement was contrary to the police reports that state that the child was last seen on November 29. The defense also attempted to claim that Zinah was both pregnant and mentally ill during trial and before. However Knox did not buy this defense, as seen by the judgment.

As for the father of Amir, he is asking that Zinah Jennings be given the “maximum punishment.”

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