At least 12 people are injured after a crash involving a CATS bus and a truck on North Tryon Street and East 16th Street Thursday morning.

According to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police, the bus was traveling south on N. Tryon when a truck lost control and crashed into the bus.

Emergency crews transported seven victims to Carolinas Medical Center Main.  Five people were transported to Presbyterian Hospital.

Medics reported that at least one person was suffering life-threatening injuries.

Commuters faced delays in both directions while emergency crews and police worked on the scene.

Sharing the road with large vehicles can be dangerous for drivers who are unaware of the inherit limitations of these vehicles.  Knowing a few safety tips, however, can help mitigate the chances of injury or death while on the road.  For example, it’s important to keep in mind that large trucks and busses take much longer than other vehicles to stop.  So cutting in front of large trucks and busses presents danger in sudden stop situations.  Also, drivers should keep in mind that large trucks and busses have blind spots in both the front and back of the vehicle.  Remember, if you cannot see the driver in their mirror, the driver cannot see you!  Drivers and passengers should always wear proper safety belts and restraints.  Lastly, drivers should always avoid aggressive driving and driving drunk.

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