A 16-year-old Rock Hill High School student was reportedly assaulted last Wednesday while waiting for his morning bus to come. Accordingly to the police report, it was actually the mother of the victim who called to report the assault. The report said that the boy apparently had an altercation with another boy while they were waiting at the stop.

The other boy reportedly grabbed the son by the back of his hair and repeatedly punched him in the face; ending with throwing the victim onto the pavement, The report was called in around noon. The victim’s nose was broken, both eyes were black and blue, and his forehead was bruised, following other minor personal injuries.

The boy’s mother is under the assumption that some of the boy’s friend may have witnessed the attack,and deputies took pictures as soon as they arrived on scene.

The boy, however, will not discuss the incident with his police or his mother, yet the RHPD is still conducting an investigation.


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