Personal Injury AttorneyUnder South Carolina law, there are certain types of insurance that can be obtained when you have been involved in an automobile accident and sustained “bodily injury” or “property damage” to your vehicle and yourself.

Section 38-77-30 of the South Carolina code states that “Bodily injury” can be include any serious personal injuries, all the way to a death that resulted from the automobile accident. S.C. Section 38-77-30(2012.)

 Moreover, the same section of the code describes what “automobile insurance” means, and when it is relevant in a personal injury suit.

Specifically, the code states that “Automobile insurance” means automobile bodily injury and property damage liability insurance, including medical payments and uninsured motorist coverage, and automobile physical damage insurance such as automobile comprehensive physical damage, collision, fire, theft, combined additional coverage, and similar automobile physical damage insurance and economic loss benefits as provided by this chapter written or offered by automobile insurers.” S.C. Section 38-77-30(1)(2012.)

Thusly, when you hear your personal injury attorney asking you, the insurance company, and even opposing counsel about “automobile insurance,” and are curious as to why that is relevant to your injuries, now you know that is part of the law that MUST be discussed when deciding how to proceed with your case, and how to get you’re the compensation you deserve for the injuries to your person, and your vehicle.

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