A car accident occurred in Orangeburg, SC over the Thanksgiving holiday where two men were actually electrocuted during their assistance in the collision.  Personal Injury Attorney

The initial accident happened when a car on Highway Four was attempting to pass another vehicle, and inadvertently pulled into the pathway of an oncoming vehicle. In doing so, the driver over-corrected his vehicle, and veered off the side of the road, taking his own life and seriously injuring the people attempting to help.

According to the Orangeburg Police Department, not only was the accident fatal for one person involved in the actual wreckage, but also took the injured the 33 year old and 25 year old men who were attempting to rescue the victim of the accident.

Apparently there was a “downed power line,” which led to the electrocution of the two Good Samaritans. Due to the time of the accident, no one could see that the power line had been knocked down, and multiple people had piled-up to aid in the accident.

The men electrocuted suffered serious burns after the initial jolt and shock of the electricity.

The moral of this bizarre accident is that even the people who are not technically involved in the initial accident can still suffer serious personal injuries just by attempting to assist others. There are professionals who are equipped to help the injured parties, and without their expertise, you may be injuring yourself and others, including the already injured party.

The SCDOT has stated that if you see a wrecked vehicle that is near or up against a power line, the most important thing to do is contact the police and tell the injured parties to stay inside their vehicle. You and the injured party must not touch anything metal and the ground simultaneously, or you could end up in the same situation as the aforementioned men.

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