A man was was airlifted to the hospital with serious life-threatening injuries Sunday afternoon after he was run over by his own car.

The incident occurred in a neighborhood just off Mount Holly Huntersville Road in Northwest Charlotte.

Authorities on the scene reported that the man was changing his brakes when the car began rolling away.

In an attempt to stop the car, The man jumped in front of the car, but was knocked to the ground and the car ran over his leg.

Taking on your own auto repair may save money, but it can be a dirty and dangerous job.  So if you are thinking about rolling up your sleeves and repairing your own motor vehicle, it’s important to keep in mind which auto repairs are reasonably within your ability and follow safety precautions to avoid injury.  If you believe you are physically able and competent to make your own repairs, be sure to stay focused while doing the job.  Never take on the task of repairing your vehicle if you are tired, not feeling well, dizzy, intoxicated or impaired in any manner.  Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and refrain from smoking.  Never crawl under a vehicle that is not properly supported.  Lastly, it’s never worth it to risk injury to yourself or your vehicle just to save a few dollars if you question your ability to make repairs.

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