There has been a new law passed for motorcycle safety which increases the fines for car drivers who pull out or cross over into the path of a motorcyclist. We know how dangerous most drivers are when it comes to motorcycles. Despite headlights and loud pipes, drivers routinely cause a real danger to motorcyclists. Sadly, most serious motorcycle accidents occur due to the fault or negligence of other vehicle drivers not paying attention. If you or your family member have been in a car-motorcycle crash, call our firm to see what can be done to help.

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North Carolina Motorcycle Safety Act Now Law

As of December 1, 2011, the North Carolina Motorcycle Safety Act went into effect. The new law seeks to protect motorcyclists across the state from unsafe movements by other vehicles on the roadway. Now, drivers who make unsafe movements around a motorcycle which force it to unsafely change lanes or run off the road will be fined $200. If the unsafe movements result in a accident or personal injury of the motorcyclist, the driver will be fined $500. This law is certainly a positive step, and we appreciate the focus on this issue by the legislature. However, a fine is simply not going to mean much if the motorcyclist is struck or run off the road. If really serious about motorcycle safety, the legislature should also consider additional penalties, such as community service or even jail time where injury occurs. For now, we will say “thank you” and hope it helps.