Street crews in Charlotte are gearing up for cold weather as the southeast anticipates a colder, wetter winter season.

Crews practiced over the past week at their annual training program.  There, the city puts plows and spreaders on dump trucks and drive a simulated course.

According to city officials, it is especially important for drivers to get a feel for the trucks carrying this equipment since Charlotte crews did not really have to use it last year.

According to reports, Charlotte Department of Transportation is striving to prevent accidents by putting preparedness on their side.  If Charlotte does see snow this year, the goal is to clear one lane for use on all major thoroughfares.

Experts agree that the best advice for driving in bad winter weather is not to drive at all.  Unfortunately, however, this is not always an option with today’s demanding lifestyles.   If you do have to drive in snow or freezing weather, be sure to drive after plows and sanding trucks have been out on the road.  Also, be sure to allow plenty of time to get to your destination.  No deadlines are worth sacrificing your safety.  If you or a loved ones is in a serious accident, it’s essential to have trusted attorneys on your side in finding your most successful path to recovery.  Call the Accident Attorneys of Reeves, Aiken, and Hightower at 704-499-9000 or 877-374-5999 toll-free.