Tractor Trailer in TrafficEarly Tuesday morning was bleak for a certain individual when a tractor-trailer was found overturned on Interstate 85’s off ramp.

To make matters worse, this particular off-ramp was the one connecting Interstate 77 to Interstate 85, one of the most traveled interstates in the Carolinas.

Clean up crews worked around the clock to clear the debris from the roadway. The site was finally completely cleaned by 6:30 a.m., just a few hours after the accident occurred.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol has stated that the cause  of the accident was not related to alcohol, but rather the driver of the tractor-trailer took the turn in the ramp too hastily, causing the truck to overturn. The driver was not familiar with this particular ramp.

The tractor-trailer was reported to of been carrying scrap metal. Some of the metal was flung from the truck and did in fact hit other drivers on the road. The driver was not harmed in the incident. The same can not be said for the driver of the tractor-trailer, who did suffer from minor injuires to his arm.

Troopers reportedly cited the truck driver for reckless driving.

In the United States, approximately 500,000 accidents involving large commercial vehicles happen every year.  Although these large vehicles play a huge part in our nation’s economy, commercial vehicles present dangers for road users. If you or someone you know has been involved in a crash involving a tractor-trailer or otherwise, call the expirenced attorneys at Reeves, Aiken, and Hightower at 704-499-9000 or 877-374-5999 toll-free