A man from Chester, SC died Sunday morning after a skydiving incident gone awry.

Authorities reported that the sky diver was killed when he landed too hard at an airport in Chester around 10:15 a.m. Sunday morning. The man was airlifted to Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, NC, where he subsequently died. Sky Diving Accidents

According to the police reports, the accident was not caused by any malfunction of the plane. Moreover, it was unknown if the sky diver was diving alone, or if the victim had been diving in a group, or even perhaps the victim had been strapped to another sky diver during the jump.

The company that coordinated the dive was Skydive Carolina. It was reported additionally that there were no issues or problems with the parachute the diver was using, and no other equipment malfunctioned.

Thus, an investigation will be conducted to answer some of these unknown questions.

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