One potential cause of an accident with a commercial truck is the lack of people paying attention. Maybe it’s dark out, foggy, or a truck stops short. Next thing you know, you’ve hit their Mansfield, or DOT bar. One means of combatting these types of accidents, is that of conspicuity tape. Conspicuity tape is the red and white reflective tape laid out alongside the trailer, making it easier for other vehicles to spot the trucks. If you’re having trouble picturing it, picture reflectors on a bicycle or safety vest. The tape reflects a driver’s headlights and assists in spotting them in order to keep the road safer. It is the same case for commercial trucks.

Conspicuity Tape: How it Reduces Accidents 

The risk of rear ending a truck itself poses a serious risk. Because trucks are much larger and heavier, an accident between a truck and standard size vehicle can have serious consequences. So, we’re always looking for ways to prevent their happening in the first place. Conspicuity tape, when placed and used correctly, will reflect back to you as a warning. Any vehicle is more difficult to see at night, that’s why we keep lights on after dark. So, for trucks, this acts in a similar fashion.

Keeping your tape clean

Commercial trucks travel long distances, over long periods of time. As a result, their trucks get dirty and the visibility of those tapes can go down. So, it is suggested to check their availability before heading out on the open road.

Ultimately, it is everyone’s job to pay attention on the roadway. Watch for stopped traffic, roadway obstructions, and tractor trailers alike. However, protecting other drivers does mean protecting yourself from accidents as well. So, in a way, you’re doing yourself a favor. Drive safe, drive smart, and watch for changes in the roadway. You never know what the road may bring!