A daily safety check for your car is an easy way to keep yourself safer on the road. Some of these you might already do without even realizing. But if not, these are a few items that should always be checked before driving your car. Visually glance at your tires before getting in your vehicle. Also, make sure that your mirrors are aligned. Next, check that you and all passengers have seat belts on the property. And finally, don’t forget to stock your car with essentials. All of these things are very easy to add to your daily routine but can have a big impact on keeping you safer on the road.

Daily Safety Check for Your Car: Simple Reminders to Keep You Safe


Tires should part of your daily safety check for your car. It’s easy to glance at your tires as you walk to your vehicle. If you see that any tire looks flatter than the others, you should check the pressure. In addition, look for any punctures or objects stuck in your tire. Most cars have automatic sensors to tell if your tire pressure is low. However, if your car does not, you should physically check it if any of your tires look flat.


Another part of your daily safety check for your car should be checking the mirrors. Before you begin driving, make sure that you can easily see in all three of your mirrors. You’ll want to make sure that nobody has adjusted your overhead mirror. Also, make sure that both your side mirrors are still sticking out and are adjusted so you can see out of them. This is especially important if anybody else has driven your vehicle. However, other drivers or even strong wind can move your side mirrors.

Seat Belt

Maybe the single most important item in your daily safety check for your car is to check the seat belt. You should make sure that yours fits properly. Also, make sure that every passenger in your vehicle is wearing one that fits properly as well. Children who are in car seats will have safety straps. Make sure that these are secured too. Everybody’s seat belt should fit across the center of their chest, rather than against their neck. The lap belt should be low and tight along their upper thighs instead of resting on their belly.

Before You Leave

Finally, one final thing to check on your daily safety check for your car is to make sure that you have the essentials. You should keep some basic safety gear in your car at all times. For example, a basic first aid kit is a great idea in case anybody has a small injury while you’re driving. In addition, you should always have a spare tire and tire changing kit. Finally, make sure you never leave the house without jumper cables. A flashlight should also be included in your safety kit. Make sure you’re fully stocked before heading out in your car.

A daily safety check for your car is an easy way to keep you safer on the road. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to check your tires as you walk up to your car. Glance in your rearview mirror and side mirrors to make sure they are adjusted properly. Before leaving, make sure that your seat belt fits properly. In addition, check all your passengers for their seat belts as well. Finally, make sure that you have the essentials in your car at all times to help in case of an emergency. Hopefully, you’ll be able to easily incorporate these safety checks into your daily routine.