Police are searching for the driver that is responsible for running a school bus full of students off a road near Lancaster Wednesday morning.

The suspect was driving a white, four-door Chevy car.  The driver forced the bus off Highway 521 into a telephone pole and then fled the scene.

24 Andrew Jackson Middle School students were on board that day.  Luckily, no one was injured.


Rock Hill Bus Accident Attorneys

Since 2001, almost 1,400 people have died in school transportation related crashes.  Of the 363,839 crashes that occurred between the years 2001-2010, 1,236 were classified as school related transportation crashes.  Every day, millions of parents across the United States trust a school bus driver with their child’s safety.  However, with motor vehicle travel being the most common mode of transportation in the country, accidents are bound to happen to even the most careful drivers.

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