Tractor Trailer Accidents from Dangerous Loads Unstable load

Here in Charlotte, we have two (2) Interstate highways pass through and around our city. I-77 and I-85 are both major road corridors which have thousands of cars and trucks traveling at highway speeds every hour of every day. And with all of that highway traffic and speed brings real danger of semi-truck or tractor trailer accidents. Charlotte semi-truck accidents are on the rise given the growth of our area. Unfortunately, that progress comes at a price. The picture to the right is a perfect example of one of the major causes of tractor trailer accidents here in Charlotte – dangerous, unstable loads. This particular truck was seen and photographed on I-77 near Rock Hill / Fort Mill on its way into Charlotte. Despite the trucking company’s best efforts, there is simply no way to make this load totally safe and secure. No doubt they are trying to make every run count, but that last trailer on the top of the pile is just too unstable to be safe. By the way, this truck was clearly traveling at 60+ mph at the time.

Unforeseen or clearly forseeable

When this semi-truck begins its journey with this type of difficult load, it may be properly loaded and secured. However, unless the destination is just a few miles away, any experienced truck driver will tell you that ALL loads shift during transit. The longer the trip; the more loads shift. And, as we all know from driving on any road, people do crazy things and we have to take evasive action to avoid accidents. The same scenario is true for interstate truckers. Trucks with heavy loads have to brake hard, turn abruptly, and may even have to temporarily leave the roadway to avoid bad drivers. When you and I do it, we may spill our coffee or have items thrust into the floorboard. When big trucks take aggressive, evasive action, loads shift and may even break loose sending thousands of pounds of equipment into innocent cars and people. This is how serious truck accidents occur, and people and families get killed. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Trucking companies like the one pictured above should not try to squeeze every dime out of a run at the driving public’s expense. When they do, they should be held accountable. That’s what our firm does.

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