A man from Rock Hill, SC found himself hospitalized after he engaged in an altercation with an arresting officer.

According to the reports, the 48-year-old man fought the officer until he ultimately kicked the officer in the face, following an arguement with family members. Apparently the man’s 32-year-old nephew is the one who contacted the police around 11:30 a.m., shortly after the ruccus started.

The nephew stated that his uncle was asked to leave the family home due to his intense intoxication issues, coupled with his argumentative behavior. Thereafter, a fight broke out, forcing the nephew to call the police.

When the police arrived, the uncle was unable to remain balanced on his own two feet, smelled of alcohol, and was slurring his speech. The police also noted that the uncle had his suitcase packed, but was unable to pick it up without falling over.

The police attempted to call the uncle a taxi, but as he left the house, he began to scream and shout profanities at the officers and the taxi driver upon arrival. The cops then placed the uncle under arrest for disturbing the peace.

As the officers tried to place the uncle in his cop car, the uncle kicked until he eventually hit one of the officers in the face with his shoe.

Apparently, even after the uncle was pulled out of the patrol car due to his stunt, he continued to kick at the officers. During the course of the uncle struggling, the fell backwards, hitting his head on the pavement, and suffering a few minor injuries on his elbow.

The man was taken first to the hospital for an assessment, but was later discharged. He was subsequently taken to jail for his reckless behavior.

He was subsequently charged with third-degree assault and battery as well as a public disorderly conduct charge. He was in jail until Thursday, when he was released on a $1,260 bond.