A tragedy occurred on Interstate 26 Saturday night, when an 11-year-old’s life was taken in a fatal car accident. A mother and her 11-year-old son were traveling on Interstate 26 when their car suddenly struck the guardrail, slowing down to a complete stop in the center of the fast lane. Almost immediately thereafter, their car was impacted by another car that skidded into the mother’s vehicle.

The frightened mother than gathered her children as quickly as possible in an attempt to evade any additional damages, and began to walk along side the road.  As the family made their way slightly down the road, the 11-year-old boy was struck by a pickup truck, throwing his body into the median. Thereafter, an 18-wheeler rapidly approached the disaster, and in an attempt to avoid the now pileup, he swerved into the median. It is unclear whether the child was hit by the 18-wheeler or not when the truck ran atop the median.

The child was subsequently pronounced deceased at the scene.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol M.A.I.T. team was called to the scene of the accident and began an investigation into the accident. Deputy Chris Keller of the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene to assist with traffic control on the interstate.

To make matters even worse, as Officer Keller was standing towards the rear of his vehicle directing traffic around the accident, a Jeep approached and would not merge over. Officer Keller was able to escape the impact of the Jeep before it crashed into his patrol car. Luckily, Officer Keller suffered no injuries, but the damage to the patrol car amounted to a total loss.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol subsequently arrested the driver of the Jeep, Billy Dwayne Jones, 38, of North Charleston, who has been charged with driving under the influence. Jones was released on a $992.50 personal appearance bond.


In a horrific situation such as the aforementioned, it is difficult to place blame on any one party in particular, as it appears as though it was just one tragic event after another. It is important to obtain counsel to protect yourself and others from any further harm or injustice.

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